Who is Brian Peixoto: A little about his life

Christmas with younger sister Brenda

Christmas with younger sister Brenda

Brian Joseph Peixoto was born on June 26, 1969, in Fall River, MA. He was a typical young boy in a traditional family. He grew up in Westport, MA with his father, Joe; his mother, Joyce; and his younger sister, Brenda. As a boy Brian loved watching Spiderman cartoons, building tree forts in the woods behind his house and jumping ramps on his white Huffy bike. He has fond memories of summers fishing and camping in Myles Standish State Forest with his family.

In 1984 Brian’s parents separated. He was 15 years old. He lived with his father while his sister lived with their mother. Throughout Brian’s childhood he never really had any disciplinary problems. He did, however, have a difficult time with academics in school which ultimately led to him dropping out after completing his sophomore year.

Consequently, it was not until Brian was an adult in prison that he was diagnosed with cognitive functioning learning disabilities. Brian had advocated for assistance as he very much wanted to complete his education. As a result of his efforts, Brian went on to earn his GED with class valedictorian honors and later was inducted into the Boston University Metropolitan College Honor Society.

John, Josh and Brian

John, Josh and Brian

Brian comes from a traditional, close knit Portuguese family, rich in family values. He grew up with his cousins that were more like siblings. After leaving school Brian went to work for his father in the family business. Brian worked on a delivery truck with his cousin John driving across southern New England. The cousins were very close and Brian was the best man at John’s wedding. Josh is younger than Brian but still these cousins spent much of their time together growing up.


Brian and Amber

Brian and Amber 1992

In 1991 Brian’s daughter Amber was born. Brian was 22. Amber was his shining star, the light of his life. He was a devoted father and doted over Amber constantly. She was daddy’s little girl. Brian has wonderful memories of taking Amber camping at the same place he went as a boy. Brian shared custody with Amber’s mother and lived for his time with his daughter. They spent a lot of time at the beach on Westport Harbor and visiting with family and friends, most particularly with Brian’s friend Will, his wife Charlene and son Sean who was the same age as Amber. Brian was best man at Will’s wedding and Will was Amber’s godfather.

Brian loved being outdoors. He spent the majority of his time fishing, boating, camping, and biking. He has always been an avid dog lover. Prior to being incarcerated he spent lots of time at the beach with Bum, his English Cocker Spaniel. He has made good use of his time in prison working with the NEADS program training service dogs. Brian would love to open a kennel and dog training center one day.

In late 1995, Brian’s friend Mario DeCunha, a security officer at St. Anne’s Hospital, talked to Brian about working security at the hospital. Brian put in an application, was interviewed and informed that they would be most likely using him at the pediatric hospital/medical building across the street once renovations were complete.

In mid-January of 1996, just days before Christopher’s death, another friend of Brian’s who was a Westport EMT/firefighter talked to him about the department being short staffed and asked Brian if he was interested. Brian said that he definitely was and his friend instructed Brian to complete an application in order to receive training. On the morning of January 22, 1996 Brian went to the fire station to fill out a volunteer firefighter’s application.

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