Who is Brian Peixoto: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

While Brian has been incarcerated, he has done his best to take advantage of every opportunity at self-improvement. He has also helped others in their efforts at rehabilitation.

– In 2000, Brian earned his GED. He graduated as valedictorian.

– In 2004, Brian decided to further his education. He applied for the Prisoner Education Program offered by Boston University at Norfolk. He earned nine college credits through correspondence courses which allowed him to transfer into the program.


Sister Brenda, father Joe and Brian
National Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2011

– During the course of his postsecondary education Brian made Dean’s list three times and was the first inmate to be invited into BU’s National Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Lambda. In a ceremony with the Commissioner of the DOC, Boston University professors, his peers and family Brian was inducted as a life time member.

– Pursuing a degree in sociology, Brian was chosen to participate in a select course, Urban Sociology. The course was offered in collaboration with Harvard University where students entered the prison to participate in the class with BU inmate students.

– Brian was enrolled in his last two classes prior to graduating when he was transferred to another prison that did not offer this program.

– In 2010, Brian completed a Tutor Training Program with two months of academic and ten months of practicum training. He then became the coordinator for the program and tutored Adult Basic Education student inmates.

– Brian is certified in victim advocacy. He completed the course requirements through a correspondence course offered by Adams State College in 2011.

Brian and Rhody

Brian and Rhody

– Also in 2011 Brian was chosen to participate in the New England Assistance Dog Services (NEADS) program, Prison PUPS Partnerships. Brian trained service dogs for the blind and disabled, as well as for combat veterans suffering from PTSD.


– In 2006, Brian participated in the Department of Social Services Family Group Conferencing, a program that organized conference calls with his family, his daughter and her mother to address family problems.

– The following year, in 2007 Brian participated in Parents Forum workshops, Toastmasters, Spectrum Parenting Program and a 20-week Problem Solving and Thinking Skills program.

– In 2008, Brian completed all three phases of the national program, Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP). He was later asked to continue in the program as an inmate coordinator, paying it forward to other participants. Brian completed eight 20-hour, intensive weekend retreats teaching others skills to reduce violence.

– Brian was elected Chairman of the Visitation Committee. Projects included family-focused events in the prison visiting center.

Charitable Events:
– Between 2002 and 2011 Brian helped organize charity events inside the prison to raise money for groups such as the Twin Towers Orphans’ Fund, The Smile Train and the Cam Neely Foundation.

– He personally participated in fundraising for the Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation and the Walk for Hunger.

2 thoughts on “Who is Brian Peixoto: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

  1. Christine Vanasse

    Brian,i am so impressed by what u have achieved. U have done so many wonderful things during what i can only imagine a horrible situation. I am proud to call u my friend. Keep your chin up. U will come home someday. Christine

  2. Blanca Rosario

    Dear Brian: Needless to say, I am extremely proud of all you’ve achieved, especially the fact that you’ve “not given up” and instead have used your time to prepare yourself for what is “yet” to come (help others). I had to learn the hard way that there is purpose for everything we do or go through and that God either takes us to it or let things happen a greater purpose. From the bottom of my heart, I pray for your prompt release and may God continue blessing you. Blanca


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