November 2016

This past Sunday was the anniversary Mass for my cousin John and my grandparents.

16 years ago today, my cousin John was suddenly taken from us. And ten years ago, this very same day, my grandmother and grandfather both passed, just hours apart.

Aunt Alda, Aunt Hilda and Amber at Aunt Hilda's house following the anniversary Mass for Vovo, Vuvu, Uncle Manny and Cousin John; November 2016

Aunt Alda, Aunt Hilda and Amber at Aunt Hilda’s house following the anniversary Mass for Vovo, Vuvu, Uncle Manny and Cousin John; November 2016

Every year around this time my family gathers in memorial to our loved ones. You might think that such a family gathering would be somber and maybe even sad, but not with my family. Rather it has become a celebration. There is food, family and plenty of laughter. And most of all there is love. My grandmother would love it.

I was not able to be with my family when my loved ones passed. Nor was I able to be with them on Sunday. But in my place standing by father were my daughter, Amber and my love, Lisa. As they told me about the gathering I smiled because through them I was there. My smile lasted long into the night. For that I am grateful.

I remember when Lisa first asked me about my family. I shared with her an article written just after my grandparents passed. After reading it, Lisa smiled and said, “That explains everything.”

I want to share that article here in their memory; In memory of my cousin John who I love and miss; In memory of my grandparents, who always made me feel loved.

This is my family.


3 thoughts on “November 2016

  1. Randy Estrella

    Always well said my friend. I remember the times being around your mom and your cousin John. I could tell what a strong and loving family you have. I happy to hear they can bring you so much happiness. I know how easy it can be to ignore happiness when you are inside. I miss you brother and think of you often.
    Love you man

  2. Amber Peixoto

    There is no doubt that soon enough you’ll be home and every family gathering will feel complete with you there. Love you Dad and keep remembering that everyday is just one day closer ❤️

  3. Joyce Coute

    As the years continue on I find more and more that memories are becoming greater than actual events. Perhaps that’s just a product of growing older. I find myself focusing on that day when I can see my son back with us all so we can make more wonderful memories together. So much love for you honey, mom


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