Happy New Year 2016

January 2016: Happy New Year!!!

We want to wish everyone a happy and safe new year.

It’s been a long year and we are all very hopeful for 2016. This time of the year is a time for reflection and contemplation. We look at the year that has past, and we look forward to what the new year will bring. For us, it’s been an amazing year. So much has happened, things that I could never have imagined. The love and support me and my family have received is amazing. I can’t even put into words what all of your support has meant to me and my family. Saying thank you doesn’t seem to be enough.

And our dreams of new hope were granted this year – Jen Fitzgerald, my attorney who has dedicated her every waking moment to fighting for me, sacrificing so much; John Nardizzi, the private investigator who joined the team , working to uncover the truth; CPCS Innocence Program Staff Attorney, Ira Gant, also joined our team; all of the medical experts who volunteered to look at the medical evidence in my case and could not help but volunteer to right a wrong; and the new evidence that has been uncovered proving I’ve always told the truth. It’s been an epic year.

We also believe in our hearts that this new year will be the year of truth and freedom. We are hopeful that 2016 will be our year.

With that said, there are some things we would like to update everyone on. What has been going on?

Jen at work; inspiration at eye level-photos of Brian at trial and today, 20 years in the making.

Jen at work; inspiration at eye level-photos of Brian at trial and today, 20 years in the making.

My attorney, Jen, has been working non-stop. And John, the PI, has been digging, making some amazing discoveries. Jen is preparing a Motion for New Trial based on all that has been uncovered. Jen has been the very first attorney to actually investigate the truth by reading every document, police report, transcript, and brief in my case. She dug where no one else put any effort to dig. Moreover, she was the first attorney to ever believe me when I said, “I’m innocent.”

Thus, what Jen has exposed is nothing short of incredible. My next blog later this month will go into more detail on the new evidence. We will be filing with the court early this year.

Also, something to look forward to this year is an article in Boston Magazine. Yes, that’s right; a prominent, local magazine has searched us out wanting to tell our story. We reached out to various media outlets in 2014 and heard from (now) Senior Editor, Chris Vogel who actually contacted us independently, after conducting research on the topic of SBS and finding his way to our website. Our request and his inquiry passed in the mail. Everything happens for a reason. For the past few months we have been working with award winning investigative reporter Gus Garcia-Roberts who is writing the feature article about my case. Mr. Roberts told us that he wants to tell the story of an innocent man who has been imprisoned for nearly 20 years and how the criminal justice system failed him and his family. Mr. Roberts has already investigated the case, interviewed my family, my attorney and many of the medical experts and witnesses. He also received permission from the Department of Corrections and came to the prison and interviewed me. He has conducted his own investigation into my case, so we are all very excited and curious about his article. It will be published in the February issue and available online and on newsstands by the third week of January, 2016. INCREDIBLE!

To all of you, we hope that in 2016 all of your dreams come true. Lisa often reminds me that dreams are wishes your heart makes. We will dream too. We will dream of new hope, new opportunities, that doors will be opened, and I will finally be home with my family. Have faith, hope and love. I know everything will be ok.

Remember, every day brings us…One Day Closer.



6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2016

  1. Brenda

    We are so excited about the article, we believe Gus will tell your truths Brian, stay strong, we finally have the dream team!

  2. Maureen costa

    We are all hoping the dreams come true. We all know you are innocent. We will all pray for a beautiful 2016.

  3. Joyce Coute

    My tears now are tears of hope instead of despair. This new year we are ready like we have never been ready before. The remarkable team that has been working behind the scene’s are ready to shine. Let’s do this! Love to all, Mom.

  4. Randy Estrella

    New Year Brother. Positive thoughts and energy sent your way everyday my friend. Love you and miss you very much. We will celebrate soon enough. I believe it with all my heart. Happy New Year my friend. Stay strong.

  5. vickie fetterman

    I am so very happy for you and your loved ones. I am sure many times you felt this day would never come. I am looking forward to reading the article.
    Is it ok for me to say I pray one day this is my sons story also.
    Blessings to you and your loved ones; truth is long overdue. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

  6. Heather Ann Roy

    I am very sad that Brian has had to spend 20 years in jail when he never should’ve spent 1 day. He was trying to help Ms.Sneed, because not only did he save her from losing her children to her mother, but Ms.Sneed had no heat or electric. They both told the same story in the beginning that Brian was in the bathroom & at the hospital her own daughter wouldn’t even go kiss her mommy goodbye; she stayed by Brian. I have you in my prayers & your family, too Brian. I am willing to do whatever I can to help. I don’t know if Brenda ever told you that I am clairvoyant and I told her about a year ago I could see a huge changing coming! Hang in there & a lot of people are giving their support!!
    Sincerely, ~ Heather ~


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