Dancer’s graduation

Hello to everyone,

I know when it has been a while since last I posted when Lisa starts reminding me it’s time to get writing. The truth is it’s difficult for me to write a post. I often feel like I am writing the same things over and over again. I also don’t want to come across as depressing or complaining. In reality, my days are very mundane and often filled with quiet sadness. There are, however, small glimmers of light in my dark days. Getting to call Lisa is a highlight of my day. Also, getting visits from my family and friends. And probably the biggest highlight has always been working with the dogs.

I don’t mean to sound depressing or ungrateful for the wonderful things happening in my case. All of the advances in my case are remarkable. And all of the positive attention is incredible. It’s just that I’m tired. Twenty years is a long time. Twenty years is a VERY long time. It can be hard to stay positive. I have to constantly remind myself of the wonderful family and friends I have that love and support me. Or the amazing legal team I have working diligently to bring me home. And all of the incredible support we received after the article came out in Boston Magazine. I have so much more than so many others. I have hope. I hope for a future. I am grateful. I really am. It can just be very hard to fight off the negative influences and the darkness that fills my every day of being in prison for a crime I did not commit. It’s hard.

Brian and Dancer during the dog days of summer 2015

Brian and Dancer during the dog days of summer 2015

I am also struggling right now with the loss of my dog. Yes, Dancer has finally graduated. It is bitter sweet. I’ve known all along that the goal was to train her for a disabled person and that she would ultimately leave to change someone’s life. Well, on February 10th it happened. After raising and training her for 15 months, Dancer left to go to her forever home. Dancer was matched with a 15 year-old autistic girl. Dancer will work with the girl as a social dog to give her confidence in social situations. I am very proud of her. I was extremely fortunate to meet the mother of the disabled girl who received Dancer. At a meet-and-greet at the prison, the child’s mother came in to meet the man who trained the dog for her daughter. I was extremely honored. It was very emotional. She brought Dancer in with her and I got to see her. I have to admit; I lost control of my emotions and made a fool of myself. I took a picture with Dancer and the poor thing was freaked out at how emotional I was. Still, all and all it was an amazing experience and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet Dancer’s new mommy and to see her again. I know that Dancer will bring happiness and joy to that family’s lives and that I had a small part to play in it. I am honored, but I will miss her.

Dancer's graduation to the red vest-full service dog status March 1, 2016

Dancer’s graduation to the red vest-full service dog status:  March 1, 2016

As always I want to thank everyone for their love and support. Lisa reads your comments to me every day. Thank you for your kind encouragement and kind words. I smile as I hear them and I love and appreciate every word.

We continue to struggle in our fight. We sometimes stumble and merely survive one more day. But one thing is for sure, every day brings us one day closer…


5 thoughts on “Dancer’s graduation

  1. Janice Peixoto

    As I read your blog my eyes fill with tears. Tears of pride for all you have accomplished with your work with Dancer and her graduation as a full service dog. I had the pleasure of meeting her during one of our visits and I was truly impressed on how you handled her and her admiration and devotion to you. And tears of pride for how you put your heart and soul in your work with the dog program. You have truly made a difference in someone’s life.
    Never give up hope, Brian. We are all working toward getting justice for you. Your Lisa is truly an angel and her hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. God bless her. Also, Jenn is another angel working for your cause. We will NEVER give up.

  2. Vickie Fetterman

    Dear Brian,
    First I am so very thankful progress is finally happening in your fight for your deserved freedom. I simply cannot fathom a twenty year struggle.
    It has only been not quite five for my beloved son and I observe the range of emotions he goes through. Those of us on the outside can love, support, hope and endure but we cannot imagine prison life.
    Wow what an amazing accomplishment with “Dancer”, she will move on and share all the love you bestowed on her and change someones life for the better.
    Blessings to you Brian; you are amazing as I am sure your loved ones quickly agree!
    V. Fetterman

  3. Joyce Coute

    My dear son I will never be able to express how the love and pride I have felt for you throughout your life has changed and grown and found places in my heart I did not even know existed. I will not rest until you are with us again. With all my love, Mom

  4. Heather Ann Roy-Greenwood

    Dear Brian: I am so very proud of the work you do, because w/all the things that have happened to you would destroy most people & here you are helping others. I think dogs make better company than people, & what you are doing is selfless as you can be! I know there are things you can’t talk about, seeing you are waiting on the legal system, but whatever I can do I am willing. I suffered a very severe concussion & 3 days later I was walking around looking drunk, so my neurologist told me the longer it takes to get symptoms, the worse the concussion is. That was 4 years ago & I still have no sensation on that part of my head. I keep thinking how you & Sneed had the same story of you being in the bathroom upstairs down the hallway? That is the 1st thing that made no sense at all. Than her own daughter didn’t want to go kiss her mother goodbye in front of the social worker & rather stayed by your side?
    You don’t ever come across as ungrateful, nor do I find you have kept repeating yourself. I am & have been telling people about your story, and they are amazed at how disgusted at the handling of your case is. There are many people backing you up than you realize. I mentioned to Brenda that if there is a need for money to help pay for detective or anything helping you & your case; I would be more than willing to hold a fundraiser. If you need anything that I can help you with, just ask! Good Luck! Don’t give up, because you don’t belong there, and you should be paid “BIG MONEY & a HUGE APOLOGY”. Keep up w/training the dogs, because they are needed, & you are doing something very rewarding. I’m sure for you training the dogs must give you companionship w/unconditional love! Sincerely, ~ Heather Ann Roy ~


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