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May 5, 2015

Hello to everyone,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to spring. Lisa, our web administrator, has told me many times that spring is her favorite season. Spring, she says, represents new beginnings. So along with Lisa, let us all look forward to the spring and new beginnings. I love you, Lisa.

I’ve recently been made aware of efforts made by family, friends, and supporters to raise funds for a private investigator through Indiegogo. I am at a loss for words. I’ve been told of my family members and the many others who have come forward and offered their help and support. I am continuously awed at what you all are willing to give. I do not know how to express my gratitude. Words alone do not seem to be enough. Unfortunately, words are all I have. For that reason I sincerely say, I love you and thank you.

During the early days of my imprisonment I was forced to learn to survive. I had to learn to stand on my own, with my back against the wall, and defend myself from those who would want to cause me harm-and with the label “baby killer” there were many. By both staff and other inmates I was a target. I could trust no one. Even with the support of my family, behind the walls I was alone. It hardened me and made me untrusting. I found my strength in my isolation and that made it possible for me to endure the many years of my incarceration as an innocent man. Hope seemed like a ridiculous concept in a truly hopeless place. Now, with so much support, so many kind words and offers of help, it can be difficult for me. I often find myself in disbelief of the support of so many. I sometimes have to force myself to accept that I am no longer alone. In truth, I was never alone. There are so many who believe in me. Because of all of you, this lonely place does not feel so dark. I know now that I am a blessed man. The support of all of you is what has brought me to this light, this gift. Thank you to everyone.

There has been another amazing offer of help that I would like to share.  Over the years we have sent out hundreds of letters to doctors, lawyers and other professionals looking for help. This one came to us. Attorney Jennifer Fitzgerald has not only joined our team but is leading it as well. She has been working tirelessly reviewing every document, every report, and every court transcript. Jen has brought us new hope and new opportunities for justice. Working closely with Lisa, a new game plan is in the works. She has quickly become a friend. Over the next several months you will be hearing more about Jen and what will be our next move.

I want to briefly update everyone on Dancer’s progress. She is doing great. Her training is complete and she is ready for the next step in this process. By the way, May 9th is her birthday. She will be 1 year old. I feel like a proud father. The next step for her is to go to be evaluated at the NEADS facility. They will make a determination as to what client she will most be able to help. My hope is that she is matched with a child with a disability because Dancer is so sweet and gentle. She would bring great joy to a child’s life. I will keep you posted.


Mom and Brian

Mom and Brian

To my mom, Happy Mother’s Day; I love you. And a happy Mother’s Day to all the other mothers in my life. I hope you all have a great day and know in your hearts that you are loved and appreciated.

I ask that everyone take a moment in their busy lives to be thankful for all that they have. It is easy to lose focus on what is truly important in life. It is often not until it has been lost that one appreciates what they have. It is a lesson we should all remember.

Thank you once again for everyone’s support. Thank you to the many people who believe in me and are fighting to bring me home. I feel in my heart that with every passing day, we are One Day Closer…