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November, 2014

Hello to all,

I hope everyone is well. For myself, I am staying positive and still have dreams for a better future.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their kind words and supportive comments. It was especially wonderful to hear from Randy, Moe and Manny. Thank you to everyone who sent a message of encouragement and support. Whether you realize it or not, your words give my whole family strength to keep fighting during those dark times when it feels all is lost. Thank you.

I have some wonderful news. Lily, the beautiful, black lab I worked with over the last few months, has been placed with a client. Lily was matched with a 15 year old boy who lives with his family in New Mexico. This brave young man faces terrible medical challenges that Lily will be eager and capable of assisting him through every day.  Among other things, his needs include daily breathing treatments, chest therapy, and weekly IV’s.  Lily will enrich his life by assisting him with turning on and off lights and carrying emergency response equipment in her backpack. She will also help him with stability and balance; and, most importantly, she will give him love and companionship. Although I will miss Lily, I am very proud of her. I am honored to have played a part in her training and I know that she will change that young boy’s life in more ways then can be imagined. Lily’s greatest gift is unconditional love. Good luck and best wishes to Lily and her new family. Lily was featured on a recent episode of Chronicle.

Brian with Dancer, November 2014

Brian with Dancer, November 2014

However, looking towards the future, I now have the amazing privilege of training a beautiful Fox Red Labrador. Her name is Dancer. She’s 5 months old and the most lovable creature I have ever met. When you reach down to pet her, she collapses in eager anticipation of a belly rub. She has the most amazing, red coat and expressive, brown eyes. Dancer is what is called a “soft dog.” She is a timid puppy and learns very slowly. However, soft dogs often make the best service dogs. It will be an amazing journey training her to become a NEADS service dog. I will keep everyone updated on her progress.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Please be thankful for all that you have. Take time to appreciate your family, and the ability to be with them. Do not take for granted your freedom. For me, I will be thankful for my family, my beautiful daughter Amber, and my love, Lisa. I will also be thankful for my freedom of mind and spirit, two things that cannot be taken from me. I will not let where I am define me or let my imprisonment change who I am in my heart.

Please remember, everyday brings us One Day Closer