Monthly Archives: January 2014

1/3/14 Brian’s first post


Happy New Year.

Thank you to my family, friends, and loved ones. Thank you also to everyone who is fighting on our behalf. In so many ways I am grateful and consider myself a blessed man with a life that is full of love.

I remember once, while sitting in the prison visiting room, my father looked at me and asked, “How do you get through each day?” I answered him, “By being thankful for what I have, instead of dwelling on what I don’t.”

Having people who love and support me is very powerful. Having family that cared for me when things were at their worst, brought me hope. Having a daughter who continues to see me merely as her daddy, when so many have looked at me as something else, gives me faith. Having an incredible, caring woman believe in me with all her heart, shows me true love. That’s how I get through each day…hope, faith, and love.

Everyday continues to bring new dreams and new opportunities. And every day brings us one day closer to our happy ending. Thank you to everyone for their love and support.

– Brian